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Welcome to the world of Graphic Novel Art

This site is dedicated to the art of Graphic Novels and will give you access to some exquisite limited publications, the best of Graphic Novel Art Exhibitions and a fine list of Original Comic art.

Key focus is on Graphic Novel artists from around the globe who are making a difference in the world of comics and are willing to step outside the box to make this happen.
These artists can be well established like Barron Storey, Kent Williams, David Mack, but also very young artists who are making their first steps into the Graphic Novel world. We're also trying to bring different comic cultures together by organising cross continental exhibitions showing the art of artist from all over the globe both here in Europe as well as bringing European artists work to the rest of the world.

Please enjoy what you'll find on this site, and do not hesitate to contact me in case of questions,
suggestions or whatever pops up into your mind.






Original Art

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